Abe Yokell
Managing Partner + Cofounder

Abe Yokell is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Congruent Ventures. He has over 19 years of investment experience and has invested across sectors with an emphasis on deep tech and business model innovation.

Abe oversees Congruent’s investments in AMP Robotics, Span.IO, Camus Energy, Leap Energy, Evergrow, Omnidian, For Days, Hippo Harvest, Modumate, Synop, OptimoRoute, Phase Genomics, Raptor Maps, and Vector and previously lead investments in Enphase Energy, Amply Power, and Blueprint Power, among others.

Abe graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Economics, with minors in Chemistry and Biology.

When not serving as entertainment for his young children, Abe enjoys hiking, cycling, skiing, travel, and pointing out solar roofs to whomever happens to be nearby.

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