Tanuj Dutta

Tanuj Dutta is a Partner at Congruent  Ventures.  He most recently helped set up  and grow CPP Investments' Innovation, Technology and Services strategy that  was focused on making late-stage venture and growth equity investments in  companies impacting the energy transition. Tanuj has extensive experience  investing in, helping grow and managing companies across various asset classes  and stages (late-stage venture, growth, project finance, private equity and  debt).


Tanuj works on both new deals as well as  supporting existing Congruent Portfolio Companies that are reaching a growth  inflection point, but is primarily focused on working with Congruent's later  stage portfolio companies. He oversees Congruent’s investment in Adapt.ag and  sits on its board, and is actively involved with Meati, AMP Robotics, Fervo  Energy, Span.IO, Hippo Harvest and Omnidian.


Tanuj holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering  from the University of Western Ontario and a Honours Business Administration  degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western  Ontario.


Tanuj is enjoys hiking, golfing, skiing,  tennis, and mapping out the local food scene.

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