Building the Climate Bench
Abe + Josh

Congruent Ventures celebrates our 6th anniversary as an organization this month; we have come a long way from a couple of people staring at each other in borrowed office space.

Today, we’re 10 people strong having added three Partners (Christina, Jackie, and Tanuj), a Venture Partner (Marianne), and a veteran bench of operations, finance, and legal team members (Tina, Suzie, and Nadia). Last, but not least, Nick Adeyi joined us two years ago as an Analyst from Guidehouse Associates’ Energy, Sustainability & Infrastructure consulting practice.

Our goal has been to build a world-class team of knowledgeable early-stage climate venture investors with whom companies love to work. As part of that effort, we work to support our team in their personal and professional development while continuing to build our portfolio (now 49 companies deep).

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Nick has been promoted from Analyst to Investor. We hired Nick in a pre-MBA role with the expectation that he would follow the traditional path of moving on to an operating role or grad school after a few years. His presence, attitude, curiosity, and maturity when evaluating sectors, companies, and teams are well beyond his years and we’re delighted to have him graduate into our Investor position.

As the capital markets rotate towards decarbonization across every sector of our economy, we will need the next generation of talent to focus on the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.  While we’ve gone from two people and a modest inaugural early-stage fund of $92M to ten people and over $700M of assets under management, we are just at the beginning of our collective work.

And as always, we welcome the climate-curious to come join us. There are over 275 job openings across our portfolio despite the economic environment – please contact our companies; they are hiring!

-Josh & Abe

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